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Business Day 2019

Business and stonks and revenue and interest and loans and money and STONKS. If you enjoy economic strategy games, I’m sure at one point or another you have considered the prospect of being some business fat cat who is only out for their personal gain. I want to be a true Mr. Moneybags who just flaunts his wealth in front of every single other player. If I am the master of making business, then I should have the right do to so, yes?

Hence, Business Day was born. I wanted to get my game night crew together to play several heavy-weight, economic strategy games. I had purchased a secondhand copy of Container and needed a special excuse to get this dry-appearing game to the table in front of everyone. Some other games I figured could supplement the theme was Brass: Lancashire, Terraforming Mars and Dinosaur Island. Unfortunately, no dinosaurs ended up being played on Business Day, but boy business was had!

I asked everyone to come to Business Day in business casual attire. As everyone came in, I had light boxes and my Canon set up to take head shots of all of our contestants. If we were going to be an official business enterprise, we needed to treat our affairs as such! There was also a white board covered with mock stock charts and business buzzwords. We were all muttering “stonks…” under our breath. Then we sat down to play Container.

Oh boy did we play Container. After the initial teach, I saw everyone’s face light up. Connections started to be made as we were manufacturing, shipping and racing for containers. We kept eyeballing each other, making deals in each other’s faces and trying to keep this glorious economic machine greased and moving. As the game ground down to a finish, I was left yearning for more business and more Containers to ship. Griffin was crowned king of Container, but this comes as no surprise considering his prowess at business.

A Couple of STONK Brokers
A Couple of STONK Brokers

Next was Brass: Lancashire. If there was any game during business day that melted our collective minds, it was Brass. For those of you unfamiliar with Brass, we got to get our British Industrial Revolution persona on as we built factories, railways and coal mines across the region of Lancashire in England. Since it had be none of our first rodeo with Brass, the game got very tight and players started to think more on their turns. Timing on when things hit the table became of the utmost importance. At the end of that breakneck game, Griffin managed to eek out a second victory! Not because he had the most victory points. Griffin and I tied, but his extra income was the winning tiebreaker!

Finally we settled down for a game of Terraforming Mars. In comparison to Container and Brass, this game is a walk in the park. Yet, we were continuing our conquest of the red planet. Each of our companies was just focused on getting the best income and pushing every other company off the big, dusty face of Mars. The lighter nature of this game in comparison to Brass was much appreciated considering how much Brass had taken out of all of us. As Griffin started crashing asteroids into the planet, it became more and more apparent who was the victor. With the final tally of scores, it was confirmed that Griffin was the ultimate champion of Business Day.

Congratulations King

Griffin got his opportunity for a photo op as we all gently applauded his efforts. He played valiantly and proved to all of us that he was not to be tested when it came to his ability to navigate stonks and expenses. After 8 hours of playing 3 games, we were all pooped. Ties were becoming loosened as buttons on shirts became unbuttoned. Goodbyes were had and I was sat there on the couch reflecting on the day that had transpired.

I had finally gotten Container to the table which was an absolute riot to play. With my friends who enjoyed these types of games, I had the opportunity to get several of the heavy hitters to the table in the same day. I had gotten to share the emotion of investments with my friends which is what gaming to me is all about. I had made up my mind. Business Day was going to be something we would do every year from now on. It was going to be a tradition. The wheels of industry will keep on turning, so why shouldn’t our pursuit of economic prosperity?

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