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Cut Your Teeth

The Lapdogs, whom I reviewed their EP Takin’ it Slow, continue to baffle me with their complete lack of social media presence. Their Facebook has been inactive for a few months. Their Bandcamp doesn’t even have Takin’ it Slow on it. If it hadn’t been for Spotify, I would’ve never known they released a whole freakin’ album! On December 31st of last year, they released their first full-length LP titled Teeth. I am grateful to locate this album soon after its release because it is a fantastic maturation of Lapdogs’ sound and easily a favorite of mine.

I jest when I refer to their social media presence, of course. The energy and enthusiasm showed on Takin’ It Slow have appeared in spades on this new record. Oliver Gerber, Aaron Kramer, and Kameron Kudick have continued down the journey of experimenting with their sound. If Takin’ It Slow demonstrated their knowledge of punk/emo skill, Teeth is a show of their musical range. Some songs on the 9-song 22-minute LP get even downright funky!

One of the best examples of this is the track Belvidere Oasis. The bassline on this song would make even the rustiest of heads bop along. It incurs images in my head of bands like Parcels and Daft Punk mixed with PUP. The songs Intro and Teeth get the album started on the right foot with an upbeat delivery of the “sick of being positive” vocals. Throughout the album, the vocal delivery has had lots of experimentation—the singing on Hold Yer HorsesJade, and Chasing My Tail are all standout performances. The hooks in each of these songs are enough of an earwig to stick with you. 

I was excited about the prospect of a full-length album from Lapdogs. To say they surpassed what I expected would be an understatement. I cannot wait to include this album in my favorites of 2021 list, just like I’m sure Lapdogs were excited to release this album on the last day of the year. Lapdogs have shown that they are confident in the sound they are bringing. They also show that they are more than ready to pack many concert halls with moshing fans. 

Picture courtesy of Lapdogs’ Facebook Page 🙂

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