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It has gotten to be that time of year where everyone gets together to express their holiday spirit. There is nothing better than sitting around the table with family and playing a game or two. It’s sometimes a shocker to learn how good your aunt is at lying! Here are four games you can bring to your holiday festivities this year.

Cockroach Poker — Cockroach poker is a bluffing game for 2-6 players. Unlike most games, there is only one loser, and everyone else wins! Each player has a hand of creatures like rats and cockroaches. In turn, each player will give another player a card face down and say what animal is on the card. The player receiving this card must call it a bluff, say they’re telling the truth, or pass the card along. Simple, fun, and funny!

Monikers — Monikers, also known as Celebrity, is a game for 4-20
players on two teams. It is a public domain game where players choose cards from a central pool to use for the whole game. The goal is to get the players on your side to guess the name on the card. In the first round, you can use anything besides the word on
the card. In the second, you only have one word to convey things like “ceiling cat.” By the time the third round comes, you can only
use charades!

A Fake Artist Goes to New York — This is a wonderfully small game for 5-10 players that has gotten everyone I’ve played with to laugh. One player chooses a word, writes it down on little sheets, and hands it out to all players. However, one player received an “x”! Each player must then draw the word together, one line at a time. Once each player has drawn two lines, a vote occurs to out the fake artist. Will you be found out?

One Night Ultimate Werewolf — This simple social deduction
game for 3-10 players is similar to games like werewolf and mafia, but it only takes 10 minutes to play! A murder has occurred, and the village people must work together to oust the werewolf. The werewolves and their minions must work together to spread confusion and ensure that they aren’t caught!

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