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I am a couple of days late on this post due to having an extended weekend for Valentine’s Day! Romance got in the way of finishing this piece! Hopefully, you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day. 

I do not believe that I am in the minority when it comes to missing live shows in a time of self-isolation. One of the things I missed most was how shows gave me an organic and fun way to learn about new bands. A couple of the bands that I have discovered this way include Phoebe Bridgers and Chon, among others. In commiserating over the absence of live shows, a co-worker and I started sharing songs from bands we enjoyed. He recommended I listen to the spitfire triplet flipturn hailing from his hometown of Tampa Bay. flipturn’s EP Citrona is a showcase of the smooth jams that this band has to offer.

flipturn formed in 2015; The band consisted of a group of high school friends. Dillon Basse (lead vocals/rhythm guitar), Tristan Duncan (lead guitar), and Madeline Jarman (bass) mesh so effortlessly. The EP is a brief seven tracks, 24 minutes, but the musical themes explored feel extremely polished. One of the first things that will stand out to listeners is Dillon Basse’s fabulous vocals. They are slightly raw but entirely genuine. It helps drive the emotional impact of these songs home along with the potent lyricism. Tristan Duncan’s guitar is transcendent. Madeline Jarman keeps everything humming along. 

Citrona in its entirety thanks to flipturn’s YouTube Channel.

Songs like the hypnotic Hippies and August are ones that immediately jumped out to me. What was nice about this record, though, were the tracks that grew on me. It is not often that you find an EP that has the longevity of a full-length LP. The songs Nickel and Six Below have a more subtle role on this record but are brilliant. 

Citrona surprised me. flipturn’s songwriting and performance almost seem effortless on their part. Their energy is infectious, and their grooves have me dancing like a fool in my kitchen, which is a win. In concert, all these songs stitch together an album that feels like a live show. It is incredibly refreshing. I have been missing it.


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