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In my free time, I have embarked on the journey of making a board game. Why not put this free time to good use? These are just some of my initial thoughts and observations surrounding game design and development.

One of the most challenging parts for me about designing a game is asking yourself whether it is something you want to play. I have tried to keep in mind throughout the development process to ask myself periodically if I would play this jumbled mess of rules if put in front of me. If I feel like that answer is no, I shave off the excess until I feel like I have adequately addressed this concern.

There is also some difficulty in coming up with ideas. Unique game design is not something that I have found to be easily repeatable. Being genuinely inspired is such an essential and pivotal thing to the design process. If you are not passionate about what you are working on, it is so easy to want to shelve the idea indefinitely.

Get the rule book defined. The great thing about board games is that they are just a set of components and rules. Without the parts, you can still play the game with replacements. Without the rules, you have no game. If you ever feel like you have not made progress, realize that as soon as you have a complete rulebook, you have a game, play-tested, or not!

Don’t be afraid of your creativity. It is easy to dismiss ideas or to doubt yourself when you have nothing tangible to show for your efforts. Know that by thinking about your game and what you want it to be, you are making active strides towards improving it every day.

Game design is complicated and finicky. It is easy to dismiss an idea. I hope that you are encouraged to go forward with whatever idea you have and see it through. Who knows? The only way to know if your game is a million-dollar idea is to put it out there.

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